Thursday, October 15, 2009

Among my pillows, as if your head is still cradled there...
under my covers that so carelessly caressed your body...
on the right side of the bed... I feel your body heat

While the room temperature is cold and bitter...
I still feel the warmth of your legs entangled with mine
It's been days since your physical presence has left my bedside...
days since your arms draped around my waist...
days since your palms embraced me...

In the early morning hours, I reach for you...
desiring to feel the smooth of your back, the weight of your arms
Nevertheless, I find and feel the intensity of our passion...
the cozy of our intimacy...

And so every morning, I readjust the pillows, I pull the covers up...
hoping and wishing that when I return... I won't be alone...
your 98 and 6 degrees will meet me...
placate me...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear White Pants,

I adore you. You have been my summer staple, my convenient mainstay. You’ve been my little black dress for parties and impromptu dates. I’ve dressed you up, paired you with the right belt and fantastic shoes and you’ve flattered my every curve, displayed my lovely shape. They say I can wear you even after L.abor Day but it just doesn’t feel right wearing you when the temperature doesn’t quite rise to 80 degrees... so I bid you adieu. Today is the last day I wear you for 2009…

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Okay - Chrisette Michele

Time don't stop and wait for pain
Pain does fade away in time
Guess it all was just a game
When you gave your heart and I gave mine

I'm okay
I'm just fine
We fade away, hardly crossed my mind

I'm okay
My memories, they comfort me
Thoughts of what we used to be

Must admit you had me fooled
The love felt real, I can't deny
I really wish I did not know the truth
So I could go back to that lovely lie

And it only hurts when I breath
I can't feel it til I take a breath
And I'm holding on to these false memories
Cause that's all, all that I've got left

*Artwork: LaShun Beal "Reflection"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Restore to me pieces of innocence
Like the moment before Eve ate the fruit
Or the instant before a girl surrenders her virginity
A time before shame or guilt
Restore them to me
Moments of brevity
With lasting memory
Like the time I realized my nakedness
And I forgot all about my nudity
That span of time I didn't hide myself from my self
I simply desire an inkling of "not knowing"
When my senses were alert
And my heart was open

Monday, April 6, 2009

When I last fell in love
I also lost my mind
Anger and fights in the name of love
Disrespect and abuse can't be love
So I rolled my eyes and threw my middle finger up at love

Then you came along
And I am reminded
That like is even more crucial than love
More intimate and intricate than loveIf put to the test
Like outlasts love

And I like you

*~*for kp*~*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I see you now and remember the boy you were
Slightly awkward
Somewhat unsure of your standing
Gifted with talent and intellect
Charismatic persona

We were fresh, fly, def and smoove
Heavy D’ing
Big Daddy Kane’ing
Eric B. and Rakim’ing
And dancing to the tick tock ya don't stop
I wanna sex you up

The year was 1991
And you were five feet ten inches
Of fine
I dreamt of being behind
The stretch of your smile
The bop in your stride

And today I see the grown man in you
Your fresh, fly, def and smoove
The father in you
And I am proud to see
The talent and intellect realized
Well maintained

You stand an even taller
Five feet ten inches
Of fine
With an added dose of sexy
2 drops of debonair
And a whole lotta everything
That makes

… Fantasies come true
… Wet dreams realities
My chest pokes out with pride
From appreciating every bit
of your five feet
ten inches
of fine

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Addict

I'm an addict you see
I have to have you
Like food, shelter, water, safety
I crave you

I obsess over your lips
Your tongue
Your hands
Your sex

I can't let go of you
Would do anything to be with you
To have you
All day, everyday I fantasize

I am nervous
And sweaty
I am angry
Until you reach for me

I am powerless
I know I need to let you go
So I can be free
To pursue real love

But I'm addicted to you...

Monday, February 2, 2009

I need my heart, my lungs, my liver, my kidneys
To live

I need air and water and food
To survive

I need creativity, vision, dreams and knowledge
To thrive

But I need you like I need a cheap pair of shoes
With a broken heel

Thursday, January 8, 2009

led me to safe relationships filled with more emotion that devotion
so i spent all of my time with my love, sat across from my love at dinners, at parties, at church
all the while pretending that my love was only my friend
that she and i were best girl friends

kept me from telling the truth to my loved ones
kept me from telling my truth to my friends
kept me from telling the truth to myself
that my safe relationship could never keep me happy

spawned lies and those lies took root and that root grew
first the lies were outside of the relationship
but lies like to travel and those lies worked themselves inside
soon we told lies to each other
just to keep from crying

kept us away from the outside
kept us in darkness
kept us lying and pretending until we no longer
recognized ourselves
until we no longer

Sunday, January 4, 2009

i wish you would
mr. stability
make your presence known in my life
have a vocabulary full of words
sans nigga
sans broke
sans can't
be all the way positive
i wish you would
mr. stability
show up with a j.o.b.
and children you are responsible for
and a family who loves you
they sing your praises
and your community knows you
by your first name
and your good deeds
i wish you would
mr. stability
show up with 2 sets of tools
and expertise on how to use both
so i won't have to resort to my own
laying pipes
in the bathroom
and the bedroom
i wish you would
mr. stability
have a heart of gold
more confidence
twice the courage
and three times the charisma
than the last man
ever had
restoring my faith
in men

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