Thursday, May 24, 2012

I acquiesce
And allow you to see
I peel off my clothes
Let down my hair
Strip off my layers
Remove my mask
Stand before you exposed
Every roll
Curve and dip
Disclosed to you
Shamelessly I am revealed to you
All of me
Even the me I don’t see
There’s something about you
Inside of you
It speaks to me
Within me
It has captivated me
Given me ease
I’m so open to you
It’s a mystery
And it’s freed me

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i stared a him... it's a bad habit i have... i know i shouldn't but when my eyes find something they like, i give them permission... so i drank in his profile and the fullness of his beard... he was john legend fine... small eyes... clear skin... scruffy beard... and i wanted to run my fingers through it... feel if it was curly or coarse... rub my cheek up against him... we stood on a crowded train but we humans are infectious and i knew within a matter of seconds he would feel the sensation of my appraisal and turn my way... there were several people between us but enough space for me to stare freely and sure enough he caught me... i stared anyway... our eyes met and locked... i finally turned away... i stared so long at him that his profile was embedded in my memory... but after a couple of seconds my head turned right back and i stared at him again...

Friday, August 27, 2010

my softness gone
i searched everywhere
i messed up, tore up, disorganized
and organized again
but i can't find it
don't know where i left it
can't remember the last time i felt it

my softness
it done left me
got tired of fighting
for priority
got tired of quarreling
with my strength
my tough exterior
i used to be able to
reach in and grab it

my softness
i miss her
quiet strength
humility and grace
she's been gone
for so long
left without remnant

and my hardness
my hardness reigns supreme
handles both edges
of my sword-like tongue
creeps into
the creases of my eyes
rides my mighty attitude
like waves


i pray it's not too late
for my softness
to return to me
restoring my sweet
my kind
my genuine
my heart
to me...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Among my pillows, as if your head is still cradled there...
under my covers that so carelessly caressed your body...
on the right side of the bed... I feel your body heat

While the room temperature is cold and bitter...
I still feel the warmth of your legs entangled with mine
It's been days since your physical presence has left my bedside...
days since your arms draped around my waist...
days since your palms embraced me...

In the early morning hours, I reach for you...
desiring to feel the smooth of your back, the weight of your arms
Nevertheless, I find and feel the intensity of our passion...
the cozy of our intimacy...

And so every morning, I readjust the pillows, I pull the covers up...
hoping and wishing that when I return... I won't be alone...
your 98 and 6 degrees will meet me...
placate me...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear White Pants,

I adore you. You have been my summer staple, my convenient mainstay. You’ve been my little black dress for parties and impromptu dates. I’ve dressed you up, paired you with the right belt and fantastic shoes and you’ve flattered my every curve, displayed my lovely shape. They say I can wear you even after L.abor Day but it just doesn’t feel right wearing you when the temperature doesn’t quite rise to 80 degrees... so I bid you adieu. Today is the last day I wear you for 2009…

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Okay - Chrisette Michele

Time don't stop and wait for pain
Pain does fade away in time
Guess it all was just a game
When you gave your heart and I gave mine

I'm okay
I'm just fine
We fade away, hardly crossed my mind

I'm okay
My memories, they comfort me
Thoughts of what we used to be

Must admit you had me fooled
The love felt real, I can't deny
I really wish I did not know the truth
So I could go back to that lovely lie

And it only hurts when I breath
I can't feel it til I take a breath
And I'm holding on to these false memories
Cause that's all, all that I've got left

*Artwork: LaShun Beal "Reflection"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Restore to me pieces of innocence
Like the moment before Eve ate the fruit
Or the instant before a girl surrenders her virginity
A time before shame or guilt
Restore them to me
Moments of brevity
With lasting memory
Like the time I realized my nakedness
And I forgot all about my nudity
That span of time I didn't hide myself from my self
I simply desire an inkling of "not knowing"
When my senses were alert
And my heart was open

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