Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today there is no use for the word HOPEIt is best just to KNOW

Friday, December 12, 2008

do you remember
meeting me
no, not by the train
no, not in the museum
but for the first time?

when we
both wore white
and you
wrapped your locks
in a white headwrap
with burgundy colors
i remember your shoes
so fly
they were burgundy too

i remember when you smiled
and you wooed me with your teeth
straight and white
and the deepest dimples
you smelled heavenly
like patchouli
egyptian musk

do you remember?
me in white
in a dress that was tight
and flowing
hugging my curves
and showing off my arms and legs
you stared all night
at my arms and legs

i remember being pissed
the event we attended
was late getting started
my boyfriend was acting up
and i wanted to see him
but i didn't expect you

you sat a table over and
extended a gift
something that reminded you of me
damn you
smelled good
looked good
and said all the right things
in your deep voice
perfect jamaican accent

you made me laugh
danced with me
and awakened in me

you said to me
in symbols
and words
that i was beautiful
and delicate
like a lotus flower
that blooms each day
saluting the sun

you don't remember, do you?
giving me that picture of a perfect
pink lotus flower?
after all of these years
it's still framed
and it sits on my nightstand

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The baddest deity just woke up in my bed
With her wide hips
Full breasts
Beautifully pear shaped
She twists, turns and stretches
Part feline
All feminine
She’s got confidence
Embodied in her smile
In her strut
In the batting of her eyes
She’s freely sensual
Yet contained
Awaiting expulsion
Anticipating her baddest king

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