Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like a dollar found on my way to work
Or finding the perfect pair of shoes to go with my sexy shirt
At the perfect price
Like calling all of my friends
And nothing at all is going wrong
And all of their kids are acting right
Like a positive bank balance
And all my bills are paid
And having a little money in my savings
Like coming into work
And the boss decided not to come in
And we all decide to cut out early
Like going into my favorite restaurant
And there's no wait
And I'm the only customer
Like the perfect glass of red wine
After the perfect day
While I'm watching Gray's Anatomy
Like a perfect manicure
And a fly french pedicure
A fresh facial to boot
Like a bright sunny sky
And a brisk walk in Central Park
Sipping caramel macchiatos
Like coming home to a clean house
A made bed
And comfort food
That’s how you are to me
Too good
To be

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