Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I hate you
Those were the words that effortlessly flowed from my lips
Your response was
I know
I can only imagine that you said it with a smile
No, perhaps a smirk
It's a game we play
We've been playing it for the past 7 years

I hate you
I said it to your chest
As you held me close
As you laid your head on top of mine
Smelling my hair
Telling me it smells nice
You came to see me
The 1st time I've seen you in 8 months

I hate you
It's my way of not saying
What I really feel
What I'm afraid to feel
What I cannot reveal
My sentiments you already grasp
I've said those 3 words in succession
Countless times

I hate you
This time there is no kissing
No bending over
No making it clap
No nakedness
No warm baby oil
No massages
No tears

I hate you
Yet this time
I don't want to hold you captive
Or cuss you out
Nor slap your face
I only want to hold you
Be held by you
And breathe your scent

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He told me sweet lies of sweet love
Heavy with the burden of the truth
And he spoke of his dreams
Broken by the burden
Broken by the burden of his youth
Fourteen years he said
I couldn't look into the sun
She saw him laying at the end of my gun
Hungry for life
And thirsty for the distant river
I remember his hands
And the way the mountains looked
The light shot diamonds from his eyes
Hungry for life
And thirsty for the distant river
Like the scar of age
Written all over my face
The war is still raging inside of me
I still feel the chill
As I reveal my shame to you
I wear it like a tattoo
I wear it like a tattoo
I wear it like a tattoo

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