Monday, February 11, 2008

It all started with a kiss. I should have known better. Kissing is something that I love to do and when you love to do something, you tend to give it your all. I give my all.
It's been years since we've talked. Years since we beheld each other's presence. Years since we were close enough to inhale each other. Years since we held conversations that blocked out the world.
So good to see you. Our conversation flowed so easily. Wasn't long before our talk flowed into a familiar cadence followed by laughter and lingering smiles.
I could lie and say that it wasn't on my mind but just by staring at the movement of your lips, I was enticed, and tempted and all I wanted, all I felt I needed, was a kiss from you. I asked.
I saw your hesitation. You closed your eyes. And I felt your struggle. You opened your eyes
And I saw that you surrendered. You tilted your head down, grabbed my lower back and pressed your lips against mine.
I don't know when I felt like that before. Dizzy. Drunk. Anxious. My heart was beating fast. My breath was short. I trembled beneath your fingers.
I slid my hands underneath the sleeves of your shirt to feel your arms, run my fingers over your muscles, glide my index finger over your tattoo, brought you closer to me.
Your hands moved up and down my spine, rested a little on the curve of my back, sliding down to palm me, you always knew that I liked it when you palmed me.
It's funny how days, months and moments pass. Time lapsed. Yet we never missed a beat during our tongue brawl. It was electric. So much so that I didn't want to let go, you wouldn't let go.
But we had to stop. You had to go home and I had to go home too. And I had to deal with the wrong I had done by tempting you and giving in to my lust.
I learned a lesson in that moment. That I'm not as strong and I pretend to be. My emotions failed me and a tear broke free and revealed to you my vulernability.

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