Saturday, March 21, 2009

I see you now and remember the boy you were
Slightly awkward
Somewhat unsure of your standing
Gifted with talent and intellect
Charismatic persona

We were fresh, fly, def and smoove
Heavy D’ing
Big Daddy Kane’ing
Eric B. and Rakim’ing
And dancing to the tick tock ya don't stop
I wanna sex you up

The year was 1991
And you were five feet ten inches
Of fine
I dreamt of being behind
The stretch of your smile
The bop in your stride

And today I see the grown man in you
Your fresh, fly, def and smoove
The father in you
And I am proud to see
The talent and intellect realized
Well maintained

You stand an even taller
Five feet ten inches
Of fine
With an added dose of sexy
2 drops of debonair
And a whole lotta everything
That makes

… Fantasies come true
… Wet dreams realities
My chest pokes out with pride
From appreciating every bit
of your five feet
ten inches
of fine


Solomon said...

Love this one!

Ans since I'm 5' 10" you must be talkin bout your boy here!

Rich Fitzgerald said...


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