Friday, November 30, 2007

you disturb my peacefulness
touch me in my most private places
speak to me and i'm captivated
look at me and i'm enthralled
i melt into your embrace
i crumble when i look into your eyes
i find myself watching your lips
imagining myself sharing your breath
envision us entangled in lust
i must quiet my raging thoughts
before i am completely consumed
no use to no one, not even myself
you have this control over me
i am so desperate, so pathetic
i have no more walls, no more protection
so easily you’ve broken all of my defenses
and now I crave you
every part of me

Sunday, November 18, 2007

i've always known
i could love enough
for both me and you
if i had to
but our love
ignited divinely
so powerful
no need for words
flows fluidly between
i don't know when it happened
some day i came to realize
that i was loving you
and your reciprocity
and i cried to you
begged for you
and smugly you shrugged me
i had come to rely upon
the ego stroke
bedroom performances
but were increasingly drifting
i wanted you to
validate me
restore my status
i am the best piece
between your sheets
words i desired
never came
and our rift
became the biggest cavity
gaping hideously
my love unable to fill
my pride shattered
my heart punctured
my spirit torn
my mind twisted
you were out of my life
eyes blinded to the fact that
i was loving you
all along
more than i was loving me

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