Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tell me this is just another fantasy. Is this just another hunger to be fed? Tell me this is enough to satiate your desires. Perhaps this is simply another notch in your belt?

I've known you way too long. Before she even came around. And the loving is way too good, I don't want to share it. Is she prettier than me? Are her ass and hips bigger than mine? I've got to know....

Of course, I'm a freak. You know I give it to you freely. Anyway you want. Just text me. One word - "Now". Any time. Just give me eye contact. I'll meet you anywhere you like. You want a nooner? Take it from me while I'm sleeping? You know I oblige.

Now you want this situation, now we're in this situation. I've agreed and can't get out but I feel like backing out. I just want you to be happy, have your needs met. Said I've give it to you as a present but right now I'm feeling jealous. You might like it and want more. Maybe next time you'll leave me out... of this threesome.

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