Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i stared a him... it's a bad habit i have... i know i shouldn't but when my eyes find something they like, i give them permission... so i drank in his profile and the fullness of his beard... he was john legend fine... small eyes... clear skin... scruffy beard... and i wanted to run my fingers through it... feel if it was curly or coarse... rub my cheek up against him... we stood on a crowded train but we humans are infectious and i knew within a matter of seconds he would feel the sensation of my appraisal and turn my way... there were several people between us but enough space for me to stare freely and sure enough he caught me... i stared anyway... our eyes met and locked... i finally turned away... i stared so long at him that his profile was embedded in my memory... but after a couple of seconds my head turned right back and i stared at him again...


J. said...

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Mizrepresent said...

i loved this! Your writing is superb!

Daij said...

So, what happened next? I'm guilty of that- admiring but being afraid to approach. 2011 is all about approaching. I know that I missed out on alot of opportunities by not being assertive. I'm adding you so that I can see the rest of the story.

Love your writing, by the way!

Moanerplicity said...

Now you KNOW better than to be staring at folks like dat... especially in a NYC subway, girl! LOL! This was pure, uncut dope. Maybe its dopeness stems from the fact that I could relate in every way... staring at people, even when we know we shouldn't. But like you proved here, they often become our muse!

Diggin your expression, my Sista.


btw: you really need to be updating waaaay more often.


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